Implant Grade Titanium Piercings

About Piercings

We at The Tattoo Lounge take your piercings seriously. At our state-of-the-art studio we only use high quality, implant grade, titanium for piercings. All of our piercing jewelry as well as any tools needed are sterilized using our G4 2000 Statim autoclave. We have a large selection of jewelry for initial piercings as well as plugs/tunnels for previous and stretched piercings. We also have retainers and standard earrings for every need. 

We offer nearly every type of piercing including ears, lips, nose, navel and genitals. Our standard piercing rate is $30.00 for the piercing plus $30.00 for standard jewelry. There are additional fees for up-graded and genitals. Also upgraded jewelry is available for an additional amount. Please contact the studio for additional questions. 

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Ear Piercing